Made with Ginologist’s award-winning Spice Gin (and top-quality dry lemon) this drink delivers all the flavours of the iconic cocktail. Beautifully-balanced by our master-distillers, you will quickly find your friends and family queuing up to enjoy this thirst quenching sensation. It’s not as sweet, or as fizzy, as other alternatives and, having been created using only the finest of ingredients, we can confidently say that this Ginologist spirit-cooler is in a league of its own.


Made with our award-winning Ginologist Citrus gin and top-quality tonic-water, delivers the taste of a perfect G&T in any setting. From a Sandton Soiree’ to a braai on the beach – you will not find a more perfectly-balanced G&T. It’s not too sweet, not too fizzy and, dare we say it, makes for a refreshing alternative to our foamy-friends on the other side of the hops aisle.



Transport your senses to a tropical island – filled with sun, sea and never-ending smiles. Made with our delicious Ginologist Piña Colada Summer Cup, this drink is infused with the perfect blend of rum, pineapple and coconut. It’s a taste that perfectly embodies what summer is all about.


Strawberry Summer Cup is a delightfully-playful drink that tastes like more with every sip. It’s perfectly suited to a lazy afternoon summer picnic or, even, dressed up with plenty of ice and fruit to help create a beautiful cocktail. Ginologist Strawberry Summer Cup is made with real strawberries and, of course, our Summer Cup Gin Liqueur that’s become such a South African favourite since its launch a year ago.