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We have all overheard many confirmed tipplers saying that there’s no point to alcohol-free drinks yet what is certain is that the world at large including South Africa is drinking less. This has been perfectly highlighted in the plethora of new non-alcoholic beers that have come of age in terms of flavour and acceptability. Similarly, the gin revolution has resulted in a huge demand for an alcohol-free brand to come to centre stage.

TASTING NOTES: Ginologist Alcohol-free Floral gin has all of the fun of a floral gin, with 0% of the alcohol. A vibrant and playful experience for all alcohol-free gin drinkers.
NOSE: Lovely, fresh rose aromas rise from this gin and fully encapsulate you in the moment even before the very first sip. Rose Geranium is first in line on the nose and this is then followed by hints of juniper and coriander.
PALATE: This alcohol-free gin tantalises the taste buds with its rose geranium led floral infusion with a long lingering flavour which finishes elegantly with the soft dryness of a classic gin. A delicious treat from start to finish, this gin will have you craving more.

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Our research indicates that consumers consider quality and flavour to be the overriding factor which is why we select the most potent botanicals available to enable us to extract maximum flavour in the absence of alcohol.

Our distilling process uses No alcohol at any time so this is not an alcoholic product that has been denatured, Ginologist 0% is truly alcohol-free. Yet once mixed with tonic it’s hard to believe that you are not drinking a perfectly crafted premium gin. This wonderful taste sensation offers those who can’t or won’t partake in alcohol for whatever reason the opportunity to have a sophisticated drink in keeping with the company and setting whilst staying sober and alcohol-free.

Ginologist Floral Botanicals Alcohol Free: 750ml | 0.0% ALC/VOL