Ginologist Shiraz Stained Gin


Limited Edition

A Gin Experience like no other

Ginologist Shiraz Stained Gin:

The Ginologist Shiraz Stained Gin is a beautifully understated creation that appeals to both gin enthusiasts and wine lovers looking to experiment with something new. The gin is a blend of juniper and spices that complement the rich berry notes of the Shiraz grapes so artfully that it almost shouldn’t be allowed to be as smooth and delectable as it is. As good neat as it is with tonic, the Ginologist Shiraz Stained Gin warms both the body and the soul.

Nose: An unusually unique aroma that pops right from the start and has a sharp and crisp finish to it. Warm and sweet notes of berries, plum and strong cherry washes over you and lingers as you nose the gin.

Palate: On the palate there is a lovely spice warmth, followed by a rich berry flavour. A sharp note of juniper along with the rich berries rounds out the experience, as the flavours linger in your mouth and ease off into an almost classic dry finish. There is a combination of smoothness and sweetness that blend so seamlessly together and create something truly unique.

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