Online Exclusive – Ginologist Premium Combo


Includes: 1x Shiraz Stained Gin, 3x Core Range Gins, 1x Bitters

Shiraz Stained Gin: A beautifully understated creation that appeals to both gin enthusiasts and wine lovers looking to experiment with something new. The gin is a blend of juniper and spices that complement the rich berry notes of the Shiraz grapes so artfully that it almost shouldn’t be allowed to be as smooth and delectable as it is. As good neat as it is with tonic, the Ginologist Shiraz Stained Gin warms both the body and the soul. 750ml | 43% ALC/VOL

The Ginologist Core Range Gins include Floral, Citrus and Orient Gin. 750ml | 43% ALC/VOL

Ginologist Orange Bitters 100ml | 44,7% ALC/VOL

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