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Savour Your Summer T&C’s

  • A prize of R5000 is available for Airbnb bookings only.
  • If the consumer wants to make their own payment, they can do so and provide proof of payment (POP) to Ginologist, and they will be reimbursed within 24 hours (excluding bank transfer time).
  • If the consumer is unable to make payment, the necessary agency will take care of the transaction.
  • If the booking exceeds the value of R5000, the winner must pay the difference upfront to the agency in order to complete the booking.
  • The prize does not include flights, travel, food, etc.
  • Anything exceeding the value of R5000 will not be covered by Ginologist or any other suppliers.
  • Winners are only eligible when they make comments related to Ginologist’s brand's offerings.
  • The prize is valid until the specified date, as advised by Ginologist. If the prize is not redeemed by the specified date, it will expire and become invalid for use.
  • Ginologist and participating agencies shall not be liable for any loss or damage the participants may suffer as a result of participating in this promotion. Neither the Promoter, its agents, its associated companies, nor any directors, officers, or employees of such, shall be liable for any loss or damage, whether direct, indirect, consequential or otherwise arising from any cause whatsoever, which may be suffered by the participant.