At Ginologist we believe in one philosophy above all others: Better taste through science. All three of our bespoke gins were crafted through a number of experimental batches, each of which adhered to sound scientific method to design perfectly balanced recipes that are both complex enough to appease any connoisseur, and smooth enough to appeal to any gin lover.

We used a small, 1L glass test still to develop our recipes before upscaling ever so carefully, first to a 20L and then to our bigger still used for production.

Each of our recipes underwent rigorous testing, requiring a combined total more than 40 experimental batches before we found the recipes we were completely satisfied with.

Our recipes were designed so that people from all walks of life, with varying taste and ideas would be able to not only appreciate our gin, but to simply be able to enjoy them as well. We set out to create three truly distinct and unique varieties, each catering to a different palette, designed using our philosophy, to ensure people enjoy not only their first taste of Ginologist, but every single one thereafter as well.

Finally, we source only the very best botanicals, alcohol and even packaging from around the world to ensure that every aspect of the Ginologist experience be one worth coming back to time after time.