Sunday Times: Ginologist Voted SA’s Best Gin!

Our intrepid judges tasted more than 70 international and local gins and narrowed the field down to four finalists in the local category and four finalists in the international category from which one gin was selected in each category as the overall winner.



Tasting notes: Rose geranium-led floral infusion with a lingering flavour finishing with a soft dryness as orange blossom notes come through. Ideal for those who prefer to serve gin with light tonics or soda water.

Distiller: Craft Link Distillery, Joburg

Serving suggestion: Pour 25ml of Ginologist Floral gin into a glass of your choice and add some blueberries, a sprig of rosemary and top up with Indian tonic of your choice.

SAWWA – South African Women’s Wine and Spirits Awards


Judged by women, for women


Women make up a significant percentage of the wine and spirit buying public, yet surprisingly few marketing drives target women specifically. One might think a buyer is a buyer, whether male or female, and it doesn’t matter that the one market segment is neglected, but it’s been shown that men and women have different brand responses and buying patterns.


Too often, marketers underestimate the purchasing power of women and simply neglect them in their marketing strategies. The SA Women’s Wine & Spirit Awards aims to target this market of consumers by having women judges, whose endorsement serve as a recommendation to consumers.




International Wine & Spirit Awards

The IWSC is proud to set the international benchmark for quality remaining unique in the crowded world of drinks competitions with dedicated tasting premises, a permanent onsite cellar and over 400 global experts judging products for seven months of the year.

Over 50 years working in the wine industry, the IWSC has refined its judging processes to reflect the changing industry landscape. Today, the competition not recognised excellence in wines and spirits, but also individuals, with awards such as Winemaker of the Year, Wine Communicator of the Year ad Wine Buying Team of the year.

The IWSC is part of The Conversion Group, a global investment company with businesses in Europe, North America and Asia. Staging over 200 events annually, in addition to wines and spirits, our businesses span the culinary, arts and creative sectors.




Michelangelo International Wine and Spirits Awards

The Michelangelo International Wine and Spirits Awards was established in 1997 as the only international wine competition in South Africa. The competition is unique in South Africa, in that all judges are hand-picked wine experts, representing all seven continents around the globe. Since the start of the Michelangelo, more than 165 different judges from 43 countries have served on the panels.


The Michelangelo International Wine and Spirits Awards of South Africa is a totally independent competition and is mainly self-funding. Our primary objective remains to support local wine makers who are targeting international markets for exports and, through our international judges, are able to determine whether their wines will be well received both abroad and locally.


The competition annually receives in the region of 2 000 wine, brandy and liqueur entries from both South Africa and international producers around the globe. These are judged blind by panels of 5 judges, using the 100-point international OIV system.




International Spirits Challenge

Ginologist Spice has been awarded a Silver Medal in the Premium Gin category at the International Spirits Challenge (ISC) 2019. Such an accolade from the ISC is regarded to be the most respected and sought after in the drinks industry, due to the stringent nature of the judging process.

Ginologist Spice passed a scrupulous blind tasting by a world renowned expert panel of specialist judges to beat strong competition to win the prestigious accolade of a Silver Medal. The quality of Ginologist Spice’s craftsmanship and liquid is reflected in this superb result.


For a full list of categories and sub categories, visit


About the Awards

Winning an ISC award is indeed an impressive achievement for any spirit that passes the scrupulous blind assessment from our expert panel of specialist judges.

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“As the SA Gin Society, we commend the Ginologist team for the art, craft, and skill applied in producing their gin products. It comes through in our tastings and is always well received by guests.”

Deon Mastenbroek
SA Gin Society May 2017