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Safari Gin: Celebrating & Preserving Wildlife Conservation in South Africa

At Ginologist, we believe that enjoying the beauty of South Africa's wildlife and landscapes comes with a responsibility to protect them. Our passion for conservation led us to create Safari Gin, a beautifully balanced dry gin that captures the essence of the South African bushveld. Designed to evoke the spirit of a sunset game drive, our Safari Gin also aims to give back to the stunning environments it celebrates.

As part of our mission, we've partnered with reputable organisations and projects dedicated to preserving our country's natural treasures. We invite you to explore and support these conservation initiatives by clicking on the links below.

Waterberg Biosphere

The timeless UNESCO Waterberg Biosphere safeguards spaces, species, and people. Established in 2001, it is home to the world’s second-largest rhino population, endangered pangolins, and South Africa’s last free wild dog pack. Additionally, it hosts protected plants, including cycads. As the source of the Limpopo basin, the Waterberg Biosphere sustains life and communities. The Biosphere fosters conservation and community bonds, ensuring sustainable resource use. Proudly partnered with Ginologist Safari Gin, they unite to protect Waterberg's wildlife. Together, they safeguard the region's future, raising funds to preserve its wonders for generations. Read More

Dinokeng Game Reserve

The Dinokeng Game Reserve, where conservation began in 2008, epitomizes dedication and collaboration. Stemming from the visionary efforts of the Gauteng Provincial Government and over 170 landowners, it stands as a testament to harmony between humanity and wildlife despite urban challenges. Home to the renowned Big 5, Dinokeng showcases successful conservation projects. Now, in partnership with Ginologist, they amplify their impact by raising funds for wildlife conservation through Ginologist Safari Gin. This collaboration strengthens their resolve to protect the diverse wildlife calling Dinokeng home, marking a new chapter in their shared mission. Read More

By supporting these projects, you contribute to safeguarding unique species and preserving pristine habitats. Together, we can ensure that future generations have the opportunity to savour the wonders of the South African bushveld.

Join us in raising a glass of Safari Gin to toast the preservation of South Africa's breathtaking wildlife.

Cheers to the wild!